Monday, June 29

Tips for Green Computing

As today we all are able to do our toughest work like complex calculation, maintaining of data, giving presentation ,advertisement, online shopping, E-business, bill payment etc. in easy way through computer. Due to providing lots of facility the use of computer is increasing rapidly. Till now we did not care about effects of computer on our environment. Since every coin has two faces, one is Positive and second is negative. So in this research paper we are focusing on negative effect of computer on our environment. We are proposing ideas to reduce energy consumed by computer system and promote green computing too. The proposed idea will make us eco-friendly user of computer.

1. The student till 5-6 classes should be allows using computer at school only:
Now a days we can see the children around us are fond of computer, laptop, tablet, mobile etc. because of these technologies have video games and virtual word. Instead of playing physical games, children use to spend hour an hour in playing video game. It sounds very normal and minor thing in our daily life but it heavily effect our environment. Playing games or doing unnecessary searching in system by children does only not consume energy but also generate heat in environment. We can save energy by allowing student of class 5-6 to use computer at school only instead of at home. This step will reduce the unnecessary searching over internet which will reduce releasing of co2 during searching over internet. There are several uncountable online games which attract the younger children.  Learning of computer is necessary for student as it has wide scope in future for their carrier and use all over the world for performing most of the daily life work. If student will be allow to use computer at school only it will help to learn the student about actual work and need of computer and they will not be motivated for unnecessary search in internet and playing video game. It will help the student to understand right use of computer and take us far from negative effects of computer.

2. Add “Green Computing” subject in syllabus of IT courses to make aware of green computing:
It is our most desirable thing that each person in the world should know about the “Green computing”. This will not be happen through single person who walk door to door and tell the people about green computing. There is easiest way for promoting green computing by adding the “Green computing” subject in computer syllabus and IT Courses.
Today Green Computing is vast topic in itself. Green Computing is available for several field like research purpose, new way of developing IT technology, industries, office etc. Through add “Green Computing” in course the IT student will be able to understand the negative effects of computer easily and ideas for making use of computer in environment responsible manner.

3. Providing of Software’s features in “apps” (Android application):
This concept is about to developing the apps which provide the feature of software. See an example, there is software “Sound Forge”. This software does the cutting, merging and editing of audio file. User can work on this software when they have computer system with all peripheral devices and memory to install it.  There are various apps named with “Audio cutter and merge”, “Audio Editor” etc. that provide same feature of “Sound Forge”, these apps simply run on android mobile phone and not require to use of system. Means for running software we need to use system and for during working in system it generates heat, require energy. So by providing feature of software in apps, we can reduce the use of system. That will help in reducing the Power consumption. 

We have found that IT companies and data centers has already owned the several ways, projects, and ideas to reduce power consumption and promoting green computing. If particular person, school, colleges, university, organization will apply, that will help to promote green computing and Reduce Power consumption in personal level. By protecting environment we will able to protect our life.